Dr. Steve Finger                           
            Republican/Libertarian for U.S. Congress  
      11th Congressional District - Brooklyn



Dr. Finger was born in, and is a lifelong resident of, Brooklyn.

Raised in the 'projects' in East New York, he attended various public schools, and was graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and Brooklyn College.

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Dr. Finger practices medicine (Ear, Nose and Throat Facial Plastic Surgery) - www.drfinger.com - in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn. He is married, has two grown children, and two not-so-grown grandchildren.

He is a popular guest/host on libertarian cable t.v. - www.hardfire.net - jogs daily, and, in the summer months, can often be found kayaking on or, occasionally, under the waters of Brooklyn's Jamaica Bay.

Why am I running for office?:
"I believe that the traditional Republican and Libertarian ideas of limited government, lower taxes, and greater personal freedom are best for this country. The Founding Fathers took as their motto, 'Live free or die,' not 'Live for free or die.' They were right."

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School Choice  
  Social Security 
   Medical Marijuana

   Immigration Reform

      And more...

[email protected]
2256 Hendrickson St.
Brooklyn, NY 11234