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              The 11th Congressional District

Situated in the heart of Brooklyn, this ethnically diverse district is home to 382,841 African Americans,  140,270 Whites,  29,366 Hispanics,  1,160 American Indians, 
27,030 Asians, and 3 Republicans.

For a map of the district please click:

To find out if you are a resident of the 11th Congressional District, click:
     Click: 'They Represent You'
     Click: 'Find Out Who Represents You'
     Type your address in the box, don't forget the borough, and click, 'Go.'
In a few seconds, a list of your elected representatives will appear. Scroll down to 'U.S. House District.'  The number to the right is your Congressional District.

Even if you do not actually reside in the district, you may still volunteer to help in the campaign and provide whatever support you wish. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.