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Health Insurance
Affordable health insurance is a serious issue in this country. Americans should be able to purchase the most cost-effective health insurance they can afford, no matter in which state they live.

Unfortunately, each state regulates insurance differently and each mandates that specific items be covered. For instance, one state may require that all policies cover substance abuse while another requires full coverage for mental illness. This causes a wide disparity in costs for health insurance from state to state and consumers are required by law to purchase health insurance regulated by the state in which they live.

The law should be changed to allow anyone to buy insurance in any state, allowing consumers to shop for only the type of coverage they want and at the most affordable price.

Corporate Welfare
The federal government should stop the practice of paying for research, providing grants, and subsidizing loans for private businesses. We should also end the farm subsidies which are a remnant of the Great Depression and often go to wealthy individuals and companies that do not need a subsidy.

In 1996, Welfare Reform ended the "entitlement" to welfare for the poor. We should now end it for the affluent as well.

Term Limits for Congress
There is a 'culture of spending' in Washington and the longer a legislator stays in office, the more likely he or she is to be seduced by it. 10 years seems to be the cutoff point. Though it will take a Constitutional Amendment, we should limit the terms for both Representatives and Senators as we do for the President and many state and local officials.   

Serving in elective office should not be a career. It should be a civic responsibility. Come. Serve. Then go home and live under the laws you just passed.