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                                 Immigration Reform

Immigration reform should, in my view, be considered as two separate but related issues. The first is the way we deal with people who want  to  come to this country and the second is the way we deal with those already here.

As to the first group, we need to establish an inclusive and humane guest worker program. Anyone wanting to come to this country should be screened, fingerprinted, iris photographed, DNA mapped...whatever is necessary to be sure that we are keeping out criminals or potential terrorists. And we must secure our  borders.

As to the second group, immigrants who are already here, we should do....nothing. Or, at least, nothing for now. 

Why do nothing? Well, aside from the fact that, short of rounding up and deporting 11 million people.........our options are somewhat limited.

But, more importantly, the behavior of the illegals who are now here will be greatly affected by the way we conduct a humane guest program. Why would anyone want to live here illegally, in the shadows, constantly in fear of the dreaded "Immigration!" when they  can  go  home and come back as legals? And why bother smuggling wives and children across the border when they can go home to visit any time they choose?

The world is a dynamic place, constantly changing. We push here and it will bulge there. We may know what 'here' is but we'll always be surprised by 'there.'

First step, guest worker program and secure borders. Next, well, we'll see....